Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dr.J Old School Mix

Just had our "Old School" party last night and I put together a little commemorative mix as a giveway at the event. Nothing fancy, just 2 turntables, a mixer and a stack of great classics on wax. Enjoy!

Back To Life - Soul To Soul
Back To Reality - Intelligent Hoodlum
The Rhythm - Everlast
Tom's Diner - Suzanne Vega
Daddy's Little Girl - Nikki D
If My Homie Calls - 2Pac
I'm So Into You - SWV
Breakdown - Fu Schnickens
Not Gonna Be Able To Do It - Double XX Posse
Poppa Large - Ultramagnetic MCs
Casualties Of War - Eric B
I Know You Got Soul(Double Trouble Remix) - Eric B
Just Buggin(Dutch Mix) - Whistle
Say Kids What Time Is It? - Coldcut

Saturday, February 21, 2009

DJ Muro & Paul Nice- JFK to Narita (2007)

DJ Muro-45AREpm(2007)

Star Children- Mighty Ryeders/Proud of You- Johnny Guitar Watson/I too am Wanting- Syreeta/A Warm Summer Night- Chic/I Get High (on your memory)- Freda Payne/I'm Just Doing my Job- Bloodstone/Seven Days- The Moments/I Wanna Give you my Love til you Scream- Alfonzo/Out of my Life- Bloodstone/Phantom Lover- Leon Ware/Sharing- Vitamin E/Mariya- Family Circle/Cause I Love you- Lenny Williams/Cause I Love you (reprise)- Lenny Williams/Make a little love to me- Isaac Hayes/A Few More Kisses to Go- Isaac Hayes/Capricorn- The Cannonball Adderly Quartet/Maracas Beach- Grover Washington Jr./My Funny Valentine- Dianne Reeves/Starlight & You- Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes/It's a terrible thing to waste your love- The Masqueraders/Dying to Live- Edgar Winter/You mean everything to me- Black Ivory/Faithful to the end- D.J. Rogers/Call Me- Aretha Franklin/Wish that you were mine- Manhattan's/Strangers in dark corners- Tavares/Baby Come Home- Willie Hutch
**Special thanks to Dom over at Essential Elements for these great selections!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fresh 4 - Wishing On A Star 12"

My man Dom from Essential Elements blog requested a rip of this gem yesterday. This track was a staple on the Red Alert rap show back in the late 80's and remains an instrumental classic to this day. I chose to present the 2 strongest mixes off the 12". "Smoke Filled Thoughts" is actually just an instrumental version of "Wishing...", but was the version Red used to drop.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rap Rarities

Next week will be Rap Rarities week here on the blog. Everyday I will be posting rare and hard to find 12" rap singles from my collection. Many of these singles go for big $$$ on ebay and from private collectors. Be sure to leave feedback, as I know many of you that check the blog are djs and collectors as well. Here is a little teaser of what you can expect next week...
Jewel T - Rock Nice(Vocal)
Jewel T - Rock Nice(Instrumental)
Jewel T - Ride The Crossfade(Vocal)
Jewel T - Ride The Crossfade(Instrumental)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Expansions" Radio Show Broadcast Feb.6th, 2009 - Featuring Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz Interview

Tracklisting For "Expansions" Broadcast February 6th, 2009(Extended Edition):
SEGMENT ONE - 80's Soul Flavour...
Who Do You Love - Bernard Wright/Centipede - Rebbie Jackson/Sanctified Lady - Marvin Gaye/It's Gonna Be Right - Cheryl Lynn/I Found Lovin' - Fatback Band
SEGMENT TWO - Boogie Jams...
Turn The Music On - Orlando Johnson & Trance/Share The Night - World Premiere/Love So Deep(Instrumental) - Tony Lee/Can You Feel The Force - Real Thing
Buck Em' Down(Da Beatminerz Remix) - Black Moon/**INTERVIEW WITH MR. WALT(DA BEATMINERZ)**
Going Way Back - Just - Ice/Ring The Alarm - Fu Schnickens/Two For The Time - Nubian Crackers/Not Gonna Be Able To Do It - Double XX Posse/Intro To Dance - JVC Force/At Large - Intelligent Hoodlum
Cantaloop - US3/One To Grow On - UMCs/Jingling Baby(Remix) - LL Cool J/New Sheriff In Town - Cash Money /Human Beat Box-Don't You Dog Me - Fat Boys
Mythological Rapper - King Sun/Drag Rap - Showboys/Beepers - Sir Mix A Lot/Mona Lisa - Slick Rick/That's Not Where It's At - Krown Rulers
Who's Gettin' It On - Chocolate Milk/MFRS - Cold Fire/Love Show Down - Amuzement Park/This Must Be Heaven - Jerry Carr/Body Movement - Conquest/Legs - Sun/Lay Back In The Groove - Elusion/Rock & Roll, Pop & Soul - Ozone/Body Shop - Sweat Band/Long Stroke - ADC Band/Peanut Butter - Lenny Williams
Got To Get Your Own - Reuben Wilson/I Can Understand It - New Birth/I Got My Nut - Hunt's Determination Band/Grandma's Hands - Merry Clayton
Download segments here...


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DJ Hollywood - Shock, Shock The House

Capleton - Cold Blooded Murderer 45"

I have finally figured out how to do MP3 rips of my vinyl, after many hours of tedious experimentation. Here is a 320 rip of one of reggae's all-time classics. Bear in mind this was taken from the original 45", hence a few pops here and there...
Cold Blooded Murderer - Capleton

Monday, February 9, 2009

Post 100!!

This marks the 100th post of this blog!! Decided to put together an array of musical classics, spanning a variety of genres, along with some video goodies to boot. Thanks for all the comments and support over this past year - keep great music alive!
Rave Classic...
Dominator - Human Resource
House Flashback...
Got A Love For You(Hurley House Remix) - Jomanda
Kenny Dope Reinvents...
There Was A Time(Kenny Dope Remix) - James Brown
Rap Nugget...
Cold Chillin' In The Spot - Jazzy Jay/Russell Rush
Jazz Funk Masterpiece...
Afro Strut - Nite-Liters
Reggae Rewind...
Dem No Worry Me(12" Club Mix) - Supercat


House Classics

Tomorrow will be the 100th post for this blog! I will be planning a very special post tomorrow with a lot of special treats in store. In the meantime here is a house classic from the vaults...
Sax It Up(Jungle Love) - Saxmachine

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Love Sundays!

Had an incredibly busy weekend, but am just winding down and came across some great vids and music for the blog. Here are a few things to get you motivated for the week to come...

Alexander Robotnick - Problemes D' Amour(Live Footage)
One of dance music's most influential recordings, "Problemes..." remains a cult classic to this day in underground music circles. What I wouldn't do to be in that crowd on that day...

Put the boogie in your body...
This Italian boogie track came out on PTG records in 1983. Nice soulful groove!