Monday, March 30, 2009

Frankie Knuckles Radio Mix

Over the past 20 years I have accumulated an extensive collection of NYC radio show mixes. Most of them I have recorded from a friend who taped religiously in New York in the 80's/90's and for a time I had an aquaintance who taped weekly for me as well, and then mailed me the recordings. I have Red Alert from his glory days on Kiss FM(including his last broadcast on the station!), as well as mixes by Marley Marl, Chuck Chillout, Pete Rock, the legendary Tony Humphries, Merlin Bobb, John Robinson and Frankie Knuckles. Today I am featuring a recording of Frankie Knuckles on Hot 97 circa 1994. Lots of progressive sounds in the mix, with a little of the trademark Knuckles vocals as well. I had the opportunity to see Frankie spin live around this time in Las Vegas and I have to say I have always been impressed with his ability to not only produce standout dance classics, but also work the ones and twos as well - a feat few manage to do well. I am planning on posting more of these radio show mixes in the upcoming months, but would appreciate your comments/suggestions to help guide me in my decision as to what to post. Should also mention that I also have a large selection of radio shows from Chicago as well(early stuff from the hot mix 5 and later mixshows on B96). Let me know your thoughts!

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