Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ill Al Skratch-I'll Take Her 12"

After a busy week out of town it is nice to be back into the groove again. Here is a great track by Ill Al Skratch, one of my favourite artists from the early 90's. This is the "Grind Mix", which I ripped from an acetate copy of the single that I aquired a few years back. Also, wanted to address a few negative emails I received this week in regards to the sound quality of some of the rips found here on the blog. Let me begin by saying some of the original vinyl that I rip is not pressed well to begin with. It has little or nothing to do with the recording levels set while doing the rip. Some record companies simply release poor sounding vinyl. Secondly, this blog isn't marketed as a source of audiophile quality MP3s. If you want the highest quality available, spend the money and buy an original copy. My daily posts serve as an opportunity to expose people to new music and artists,while providing a platform for discussion about quality music that is hard to find. I receive daily emails from people who appreciate the hard work and dedication necessary to keep this blog alive. Remember - this blog is created to be entertaining, insightful and most of all,fun. Let's keep it that way!

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DJ Filthy Rich said...

Great post homie! I love this remix, thanks for posting. I can clean this track up for you too (remove the vinyl noise)....I would just need the .WAV file. Get at me if you're interested.
Props from the T-dot.