Friday, June 6, 2008

Chart This!

Here are some classic 80's rap joints...

1.Bring The Beat Back - Steady B(Jive)
2.Livin' In The World Of Hip Hop - MC Shan(Cold Chillin)
3.All Hail The Drum - Fresh Force(Sutra)
4.10% Dis - MC Lyte(First Priority)
5.The Godfather - Spoonie G(Tuff City)
6.Droppin' It - Bizzie Boyz(Payroll)
7.Court Is Now In Session - Chill Rob G(Wild Pitch)
8.Ragamuffin Hip Hop - Asher D & Daddy Freddy(Profile)
9.The Tragedy - Super Kids(NIA)
10.Just Say Stet - Stetsasonic(Tommy Boy)

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