Monday, June 30, 2008

Let The Week Begin...

My man WARLORD from the UK sent me these links/comments to some classic rap tracks. A nice assortment of hard to find underground goodies. This man knows his music - respect!

Dezo Daz-It's My Turn
1. It's My Turn (vocal)
2. It's My Turn (instrumental)
3. It's My Turn (bonus beats)

Dr Funkenstein & Dj Cash Money-Scratchin To The Funk (1986) - Cutting up another one of my favorite tracks - Trouble Funk-Pump Me Up:
1. Scratchin To The Funk (part 1)
2. Scratchin To The Funk (part 2)

My favorite year in hip hop was 1989.When this track came out it was hot!
Stezo-Freak The Funk (1989)
1. Doug Lazy remix
2. Dub mix
3. Instrumental
4. Lp version
5. Radio version

Here's an album that is a bit rare to get hold of - Mikey D & the LA Posse-Better Late Than Never
1. Taking No Shorts
2. Go For It
3. The Executioner
4. I Get Rough
5. Bust A Rhyme Mike
6. Party Time
7. My Telephone
8. Comin In The House
9. Peep It
10. Dawn
11. Kill That Bass
12. Listen To The Bassline
13. Beethoven Scratch

More to come...

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