Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ice T - 6 'N The Morning

West coast rapper Ice T(born Tracy Morrow - 1958) put out his first LP - "Rhyme Pays" in 1987, which featured the single 6 'N The Morning. Ice T later when on to do collaborations with many artists, including the Bomb Squad, and also found musical success with his heavy metal band Body Count. As well, Ice T has since become a successful Hollywood actor, appearing in the movie New Jack City and also starring on the NBC TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit".


Top Man said...

And a few years later he came out with even more classic albums like Rhyme Pays and Freedom of Speech...As with every rapper turned Hollywood actor homeboy seems to have been lured by the bright lights and strayed away from what opened the door for him acting wise. Is it the money or a loss of focus?

Dr.J said...

Sad but often rappers are faced with a choice to break into the mainstream or stay true to what got them there. More often than not they choose the bright lights and stardom....Can't be an easy spot to be in. You either take the stardom (and the money and fame it brings)whilst facing the scrutiny of the underground fans and be labelled a "sellout", or continue to be an underground star and potentially struggle financially. Those artists that are able to find a happy medium are the ones that seem to have the most longevity in the rap scene.