Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Edition-Cool It Now 45"

This one is going out to my man Anthony Cameron. Bobby Brown,Michael Bivins,Ricky Bell,Ralph Tresvant and Ronnie Devoe(and later on Johnny Gill). The prototype boy band that spawned many offshoots including Bell, Biv Devoe. Classic 80's groove - what can I say.

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Top Man said...

Yeh Yeh classic classic classic. Old school yet always new school. These boys were the original "boy band." Before the New Kids, before Boys 2 Men there was New Edition. Although we're talking about music from 20 years ago it still seems like yesterday that I was watching the "Cool it Now", and "Mr. Telephone Man" videos on MuchMusic thinking to myself..."Dizam these brothaz is cool." Another classic from the archives of Docta J ! Keep them coming boyee !