Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Post #200!!

Today marks the 2ooth post here on the blog! After much tweaking(and a steep learning curve) things are finally in a nice groove. I was looking at some of my original posts the other day and remember how long it used to take me to post something(it was almost laughable!). Regardless, it has been great to share information and music with all of you and I look forward to continuing with lots of great stuff in store in the next couple of months. I have been promising some house classics for awhile now, so have decided to hit you up with this house nugget from 1991. Produced by the Basement Boys, "Tonite" is a tasty slice of deep house from the past. I will be posting up a few more house classics later this week, so stayed tuned!


atlanticjaxx said...

My word what a classy tune to drop for you're 200th post.. respect Dr.J. this is the greatest tune I have found on any blog..

I must start to digitamize my vinyl sometime.. baltimore in the house..

respect respect respect.. ta

Dr.J said...

Thanks-glad you're feeling the classic house vibes!

thesupremeunknown said...

Keep at it my man! I remember the days when you were getting things figured out but someone with your collection and your knowledge definitely has a lot to offer and I'm sure more people will keep coming to check your blog out.